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Environmental Protection

Protecting the Environment at Corrib

Minimising environmental impact is central to the entire project and we have made every effort to ensure that we leave the lightest possible environmental footprint at all times.

Development of Corrib Natural Gas

As a result of the screening studies, it was concluded that the preferred development scenario for the Corrib field was a subsea system tied back to a processing terminal onshore. This method of development represents the best solution in terms of safety and the environment and is in line with the most up-to-date industry practice.

Minimising the environmental impacts of the project was an important objective for the Corrib gas field development.  The use of best available technology and the integration of environmental protection practices into the design, construction and operation of all aspects of the project helped to meet this objective.

To ensure that environmental considerations are adequately covered, Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) were prepared for the construction phases of the development. The implementation of the plans ensured that preventative and management measures identified in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) were implemented throughout the construction phase. This ensured that the environmental impacts associated with the construction were avoided, minimized and mitigated. Prior to commencement of construction, construction method statements were prepared and agreed with the appropriate consent authorities.

The Corrib Gas Terminal

The Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal is operated in accordance with an environmental management system.

Emissions from the terminal are monitored to demonstrate that emissions are within stringent limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the conditions of the Industrial Emissions License.

The EPA has confirmed that emissions from the Corrib gas terminal "will not adversely affect human health or the environment and will meet all relevant national and EU standards, when operated in accordance with the conditions of the proposed licence".

As part of the planning application for the Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal, an Environmental Impact Assessment was carried out on the basis of the Environmental Impact Statement, which was submitted to the planning authority as part of the overall planning process.

The Corrib Gas Pipeline

A key criterion in the identification of the modified route for the onshore pipeline was the environmental impact of its location. The construction methods used for the onshore gas pipeline were selected accordingly to minimise and mitigate the potential for impact of the proposed route on the receiving environment. 

Corrib Bio Diversity Action Plan

Vermilion is committed to investing in environmental protection, and we support the importance of ecology and biodiversity on the Corrib Development. The ongoing management of impact on biodiversity is integrated into the day-to-day running of the Corrib gas field.

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